Reporting Dashboard

Company: Aggio (Location: Chicago, USA)

An insightful and robust reporting platform is central to our partner's product offering.

They had been using Tableau for years, but the problems were manifold. Leaden and clunky, it did not lend itself to dynamic dimensions, offline access, or responsiveness. There was no SSO support for their many clients - you get the picture.

We built a brand new reporting engine from the ground up.

Aggregation and transformation have become super simple. Processing and even rendering have become quicker, and offline access via browser has become a reality. Moreover it is responsive to different devices and layouts.


Node.js was the natural choice for server-side environment


We chose MongoDB as the database for its ability to scale


We believe in not wedding the look and feel to the functionality


Suited our data visualization needs perfectly - browser based, flexible and powerful


Scalability, fault isolation, dependency concerns - all these are strong drivers behind the Microservices strategy


A smooth single singn-on experience for users was made possible using oAuth


Our client's data has always been stored in MySQL databases. Our architecture did not require this to change - in fact, it leveraged it


Always our playground of choice!